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Find the right product to revitalise your furniture, car interiors, equestrian equipment, clothing or accessories. Give them a new lease of life with our range of specialist products!

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Whether for your home or your business, our nationwide network of professional repair technicians are here to help with all of your furniture repair needs.

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Trusted Care & Repair Specialists

At Furniture Clinic we specialise in providing easy-to-use DIY repair products to clean, repair and restore all items - leather, fabric and wood.

If you don't want to go the DIY route, we also offer a professional Nationwide Repair Service where our specialist technicians will carry out the task for you.

Revitalise furniture, car interiors, equestrian equipment, clothing and accessories, to give them a new lease of life!

Our Best Selling Products

  1. Leather Care Kit
    Leather Care Kit

    Great value kit containing a massive 500ml leather cleaner & leather protector.

  2. Leather Ultra Clean
    Leather Ultra Clean

    Deep cleans dirty leathers removing all dirt & grime from the grain with little effort.


    From £9.95
  3. Leather Protection Cream
    Leather Protection Cream

    Leather Protection Cream feeds, protects and re-instates the smell into old and new leather items...

    From £10.95
  4. Leather Re-Colouring Balm
    Leather Re-Colouring Balm

    The leather re-colouring balm restores the colour of all leather items. Perfect for faded or scra...

    From £19.95

Leather Care

The leather care section contains a wide range of leather cleaning and leather repair products designed specifically for use on leather, all of which have been tried and tested for years by consumers and professionals alike. All our products are suitable for use on furniture (sofas, suites, chairs, settees etc), car leather, jackets, clothing, shoes, and equine leather.

Leather Cleaners & Leather Conditioners: We make a wide range of specific leather cleaning products suitable for cleaning all leather types including aniline & pull ups, plus our Leather Ultra Clean, which is used for very dirty and grimy leathers. Our leather conditioner is infused with the aroma of leather and will feed your leather preventing it from drying out or cracking. As well as this our Leather Protection Cream repels stains and protects leather from wear, tear and heat. Our leather care products can be used as an aniline leather cleaner and as an aniline leather protector.

Fabric Care

Our Fabric Care section contains a comprehensive range of products for the cleaning, restoration and maintenance of Fabric items of all kinds. A hugely popular section of our offering, all of our fabric care products have been tried and tested for years by both consumers and professionals alike. All of products within this section are suitable for use on furniture & upholstery (sofas, suites, chairs, settees etc), car interiors, clothing, shoes, and carpets.

Fabric Cleaners & Protectors: Our Fabric Cleaner & Spotter, also included in the Fabric Care Kit, is one of the most popular fabric products we offer. Manufactured from plant extracts, it is entirely free from aggressive or harsh chemicals. As such it provides a powerful cleaning action against dirt and a wide range of stains on fabric, while remaining non-damaging to the the look and feel of your items, even those made from delicates such as wool or silk.

Wood Care

Our Wood Care products include a comprehensive range of solutions for cleaning, restoring, repairing and maintaining woods of all varieties. All of our wood care products have been used successfully by our public and trade customers for many years, having been tested both in the laboratory and in the field to prove their effectiveness. Unless otherwise stated, all products in this section are suitable for use on all common types of wood including oak, mahogany, pine, beach, yew and rosewood.

Wood Cleaners: Our wood cleaners are amongst the most effective cleaners you will find available on the market today. Wood Reviver is specifically formulated to clean, feed, & restore all wooden surfaces to their original appearance. Safe to use on all types of wood, Wood Reviver contains organic oils that feed and nourish the wood, restoring its natural lustre.

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